Research & Development

Bahija Jallal
Executive Vice President, Head of MedImmune

At MedImmune, we focus on therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other next-generation molecules to attack a range of diseases – putting us at the forefront of biologics research and development.

Our research organization is accountable for disease biology and target discovery, predictive sciences, safety and toxicology, early biomarker and patient stratification research, drug discovery, and pre-clinical drug development. These activities span our key therapeutic areas.

MedImmune also has one of the most robust pipelines in the industry, with more than 120 research projects and product candidates in our portfolio. We aim to deliver promising new biologics to the market by continuing our leadership in the area of infectious diseases; playing a key role in inflammation, autoimmune and respiratory diseases, and cancer; and building on our expertise in other areas to create a world-class focus in neuroscience, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases.

Together with AstraZeneca, we operate as one global R&D team and collaborate across many functions, including preclinical/clinical development and international commercialization, to prioritize our portfolio. The objective is to increase speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness — and focus on projects that we believe have the best chance of success.

Areas of Focus

Learn more about MedImmune's key areas of focus, including our accomplishments, discoveries, and developments in each area.

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View our comprehensive Drug Phase Chart for details on every product candidate in our robust R&D pipeline.

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Learn about MedImmune’s impressive range of innovative technologies, and how we continue to shape our industry with breakthroughs in biotech research.

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Translational Science

See how MedImmune is using this integral, innovative approach to drug development to seamlessly bring knowledge and information from early discovery to the clinic and back again.

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Externally Sponsored Research

Submit an externally sponsored research study or get more information on our program.

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Learn how our Biopharmaceutical Development team applies the pre-clinical and clinical development of biologics and vaccines across our therapeutic areas to produce better medicines.

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Clinical Trials

View all current MedImmune-related clinical trials, plus additional information on participating in clinical studies.

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