Margot Freericks
Senior HR Manager,

MedImmune is committed to making a difference in science and medicine, in the lives of our patients, and in our local communities. At the core of our responsibility to our stakeholders and society is the belief that corporate citizenship must include more than financial assistance. To truly make an impact, we must be actively engaged and strive for sustainability in all areas of our business.

We use a combination of patient advocacy, charitable donations, unrestricted education grants and independent medical education grants, scientific event sponsorships, and employee volunteerism to meet the needs of our greater community. In addition, initiatives that promote environmental stewardship, regulatory and legal compliance, diversity, and research ethics help ensure the responsible delivery of our business strategy.

Community Engagement

Learn about MedImmune’s active role in its local communities – including our employee volunteerism program and how we partnerships with non-profit organizations.

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Corporate Giving

See how MedImmune uses charitable donations, unrestricted education grants, event sponsorships, and more to make a difference in medicine, science, the lives of our patients, and our communities.

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MedImmune is a major advocate of environmental sustainability. Learn how we instill a sense of responsibility for the environment in our facilities and our people.

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Access to Medicine

Learn how we help patients gain access to the care they need.

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Supplier Diversity

View the details of our Supplier Diversity Program and how we partner with qualified small and diverse business enterprises.

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The laws and regulations governing those who manufacture or supply pharmaceutical products are becoming increasingly complex. Get the details on MedImmune's culture of compliance.

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Research Ethics

MedImmune is committed to conducting ourselves and our business with the highest ethical standards — not only in our research, but in every function of our organization. It all begins with our Code of Conduct.

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Patient Safety

Find out how we work diligently across all of our divisions and disciplines to ensure that our products meet or exceed all safety requirements and standards.

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