How a community thrives


Liz Huntley

When you think about your successes and how you’ve gotten to where you are in life, chances are you’ll recall a boost or extra nudge that you received from someone or some entity within your community.

MedImmune believes in the power behind that kind of community investment, which is why we’ve made this an essential part of our overall organizational mission. More importantly, we’re honored to support the terrific efforts of nonprofits that, like us, are focused on advancing healthcare and exposing the young and underserved to life sciences and biologics.

Our total community investment last year was $2,273,000. Besides local community projects, which represented about 24 percent of our investment, we contributed 41 percent of that total to projects focused on patient support and disease awareness, and another 35 percent toward science education, mentoring, and supporting scientific meetings and symposia.

Additionally, we recognize the value that our employees bring to solving complex issues facing our communities, and we encourage them to participate in community outreach activities whenever possible. On that note, this past year as we celebrated our 25th anniversary, we challenged our employees to log 2,500 volunteer hours. We are excited that they exceeded this goal and logged more than 4,000. Their time and expertise went to support a variety of nonprofit organizations that are important to our local communities, including health and patient focused organizations, schools, environmental organizations and cultural institutions among others.

We’re proud to support our local partners, and we applaud their tireless efforts to make a difference. The work that they do allows our community and its citizens to thrive.

MedImmune employees volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Gaithersburg, MD.

MedImmune employees make costumes for children in hospitals with Only Make Believe.

MedImmune employees help prepare for Harvest Festival at Montgomery County Agricultural history farm park.