What makes us a great place to work (and grow)


Robin LaChapelle

Earlier this year, The New York Times posted a story on what a great place to work ought to look like. It opened with this:

“Imagine a workplace that you truly look forward to arriving at every day — one that meets your most important needs so that you feel freed and inspired to bring your best to work.”

When your own employees can attest to this feeling and this kind of inspiration, then you’ve pretty much achieved employer Mecca. That’s what we strive for here—we’ve had a number of external recognitions over the years in which employees have proactively articulated what gets them excited about their work and their roles at MedImmune.

And, we’re still going—and growing—strong. Last week, The Washington Postannounced its list of the Top 25 Workplaces for 2015, and we were part of this esteemed group of employers. What’s terrific about this honor is that these workplaces are determined solely through employee feedback. More specifically, our employees evaluated us in areas that included employee engagement and organizational health, with a focus on culture, connections, values and the vision of our long-term success. Many noted particularly that they experience the kind of personal growth and career development that make them feel appreciated and valued. We know this is important to retaining and attracting top talent, so we have always been committed to these areas. Additionally, employees gave us high marks for work-life balance and compensation, as well as a number of other areas that all correspond to having created a culture that just feels good. All of these reasons contributed to my decision to join MedImmune as Vice President of Human Resources.

That word is continuing to spread beyond our doors into the wider biotech industry. Last month, we were number one on BioSpaces short list of The Most Exciting Companies in Biotech. Here again, the focus is on what we can do for employees, and BioSpace enumerated the many amenities we offer that invigorate, challenge and inspire everyone here. This includes everything from beanbag rooms for creative brainstorming, game rooms and Zen gardens to treadmill stations, onsite massage and regular campus happy hours. We do like to have our fun.

Also this year, we were proud to be among the recipients of the Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) EcoLeadership Award. This one is close to everyone’s hearts here. The award recognizes visionary employers who are paving the way for environmentally sustainable workplaces. We take this one very seriously, as we know that these policies not only improve our global environment, but they also attract strong talent, improve employee morale and loyalty, increase productivity and reduce costs.

What’s good for our employees is good for our business, and vice-versa. We’ve never forgotten that, and our goal is to continue raising the bar on what makes a great place to work.