• 1 Only SEP™ US biotech
  • 2,500 volunteer hours
  • $1.4M community investment

A sustainable vision

We lead in the development of first-in-class medicines. But we’re also setting an industry example through our sustainability program —including environmental and community outreach, such as STEM education and volunteering. The impact is local, national and, ultimately, global.

Sustainability isn’t just about the environment anymore. It’s also about performance and social responsibility. Our commitment to our business, our industry and our employees is to make all of these elements a strategic priority.

Matt Bell Chief Operating Officer

Our People


Every summer, I spend one week at a camp for kids with cancer. I’ve been doing this for 15 years. Having MedImmune subsidize my participation at this terrific camp as part of its corporate responsibility volunteer initiative has been remarkably meaningful.


For two years I helped to run a sponsored walk in Cambridge, UK to help raise money for Oxfam’s emergency fund. I compiled route maps and instructions, coordinated route signage and on the day I coordinated the whole event. It was fantastic to be part of the event and know that we were raising money for a worthy cause.


I have been volunteering on weekends as a medic with Red Cross First Aid Service Team(FAST) for 3.5 years now. We provide basic life support to patients and escalate to more advanced medical support when there is a need.

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Responsible research

The safety of the patients who take our medicines is of fundamental importance to us. We set high standards of ethical practice across all aspects of our research activity worldwide, from clinical trials to our research with animals. We also work to ensure that we are aware of any risks to patient safety such as side effects or cases of product counterfeiting.

Ethical business practices

We are committed to delivering consistently high ethical standards of sales and marketing practices and to integrating ethical standards into our procurement activities and decisions worldwide. We also aim to make a positive contribution to our local communities, wherever we are located in the world.

Great place to work

To achieve our strategic priorities we need to acquire, retain and develop a talented workforce. We are building an inclusive, open and trusting organization that embraces the skills, knowledge and unique ability of our employees.