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The forefront of science

Our focus on therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies and other next-generation molecules to attack a range of diseases puts us at the forefront of biologics research and development. We follow the science and push its boundaries to bring life-changing medicines to patients.

Driving Discovery

"MedImmune shines as a leader in biologics with a culture of innovation and commitment to addressing unmet medical needs. I’m proud to lead our research program and of the tireless work our science teams do every day to improve the lives of patients around the world."

Fostering Innovation


United Kingdom

In addition to having more than 600 employees, MedImmune Cambridge has strong collaborative links with numerous academics, researchers, foundations and neighboring companies in Europe's largest biotech cluster.

Gaithersburg, MD

United States

A modern and vibrant science campus employs more than 2,500 industry experts and sits amid a strong and growing biotech hub - and is only a short drive from Washington, DC.

South San Francisco

United States

Our state-of-the-art facility in the Cove at Oyster Point is located in the heart of the Bay Area’s vibrant biotechnology and technology community.

Extending the half-life of Antibodies

With world-renowned capabilities in antibody discovery and protein engineering, a small team at MedImmune was faced with seemingly basic science – extend the half-life of an antibody. For patients, an extended half-life requires less doses of medication.

A potent Pipeline

One of the largest, most sophisticated pipelines in the industry - focused on five crucial areas with high unmet needs and with more than 120 projects and product candidates in development.

Our Organization


Research is our business—from disease biology and target discovery to biomarker research, drug discovery and preclinical development. But, patients are our mission, and we are relentless in the pursuit of therapeutic innovation—in Oncology; Respiratory, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases (RIA); Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (CVMD); Infectious Diseases (ID); and Neuroscience.

Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering

We are explorers—always in pursuit of the most effective compounds against new and challenging therapeutic targets. In addition to monoclonal antibodies, our Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering teams are pioneering new drug formats, from antibody drug conjugates and blood-brain barrier transporters to multispecific antibodies and therapeutic peptides.


Combining biology and computer science, Bioinformatics offers an unprecedented window into human disease—giving us essential knowledge about the human immune system. What we learn about this landscape of genes, proteins, cells and systems is critical toward customizing therapies to the unique molecular needs of patients.

Translational Sciences

We are expert at taking knowledge and information from early discovery to the clinic and back again. It’s a Translational Science mindset that continues to propel us toward developing a new generation of drugs. This includes leading the industry in personalized healthcare—enabling doctors to prescribe customized treatments for their patients.

Biopharmaceutical Development

Quality is a way of life for our Biopharmaceutical Development (BPD) group. In addition to developing creative ways to manufacture and deliver our products, BPD teams design the process and analytics that produce and characterize drug candidates. This includes formulations and product formats, as well as Chemistry, Manufacture, and Control (CMC) regulatory work.


MedImmune's Clinical organization designs innovative trials to rapidly determine if a new biologic is safe and effective to treat diseases in all our therapeutic areas. We execute using a flexible delivery model that combines both in house and external operations expertise to demonstrate "proof of concept" prior to initiating pivotal registration trials.

Join us at MedImmune

Our Great Place to Work strategic initiative offers a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. We attract top minds, and we do what it takes to nurture and build talent.